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Rose Procedure

The ROSE procedure

Have you regained some of the weight you initially lost after gastric bypass Surgery?
Your stomach pouch or stoma (the connection between the pouch and small intestine) may have stretched out in the years since your original surgery, reducing the feeling of fullness after you eat.

We now offer the ROSE procedure, an incisionless surgical procedure that restores the size of the pouch and stoma close to the original post-surgery proportions.

Using new surgical tools, surgeons create and suture folds into the pouch to reduce its volume and at the stoma to reduce its diameter. The surgeon performs the procedure entirely through the mouth without making any external incisions into the body.

Due to the lack of external incisions, the ROSE procedure is expected to provide important advantages, including, less risk than traditional open or laparoscopic surgery, minimal postoperative pain, fast recovery time and no scarring.

Keeping your weight down after gastric bypass is vital to improve your health and reduce the co-morbidities associated with obesity such as Type II diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and respiratory conditions. If you have started to regain weight since your initial surgery, click here to find out if the ROSE procedure is suitable for you?

Who is eligible for the restorative ROSE procedure?
Patients who were originally successful losing weight following gastric bypass and now find themselves regaining weight may be ideal candidates for this procedure. After an initial screening, you will undergo a series of evaluations including nutritional and dietary counseling, a full medical exam and endoscopy to determine if you are a good candidate.