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Minimally Invasive surgery

Welcome To the Center for Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery (AMISurgery), . Our goal is to help patients begin a new life by achieving long lasting weight loss, reducing life-threatening risk factors, improving self-esteem, enhancing daily activities, and thus improving overall health. We are delighted that you have taken an interest in our website and encourage you to explore all the site has to offer. We are committed to making your experience as comfortable and as convenient as possible so if you are ready to start “living”, we encourage you to call our office.


Many surgical procedures that once required large incisions and long hospital stays are now performed through minimally invasive techniques that require only small incisions. Minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery offers patients many benefits which include minimal pain after surgery, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays and superior cosmetic results. Dr. Bonheur has extensive experience performing laparoscopic surgery including weight loss surgery, gallbladder surgery, colon and intestinal resections, appendectomy, gastric reflux surgery, hernia repairs and much more.